Abteilung Jakobs: Gruppenbibliothek

Group Library (beta)

17.11.09: We have three new books related to particle detectors (DT18, HL28, HL29).
17.11.09: Now new books can be registred online!
13.08.09: The book categories are now updated to make more sense!

Quick Start:

Last modified: 17.11.2009

1) Preface:

This page is intented for checking out and returning books from our internal library: The idea is that everyone in the group can check out a publication from our library and mark the publication as checked-out online with this form.

If you find any bugs or typos please send an email to webmaster.jakobs@physik.uni-freiburg.de.

3) How many publication do I have checked out?

This section is intended for you to check whether you have checked-out publications. There are three ways of doing this:
  1. Enter your name in the box below to check how many publications are checked out by you:
  2. Get complete infos about checked-out or lost publications by clicking on the button below:
  3. Check the log file.

4) Return publications

Enter the full key (like 'A2' or 'BpH1') in the box below to return a checked out publication:

5) List of available book categories:

The following table shows all available book categories:

Key Category
AA Astronomie, Astrophysik, Astroteilchenphysik
AK Akustik
CH Chemie
CO Computing
DT Detektoren (allg.), Exp. Methoden
EL Elektronik
EP Elementarteilchenphysik
EX Experimentalphysik (Lehrbücher)
FK Festkörperphysik
HL Halbleiterphysik, -detektoren
KP Kernphysik
MA Mathematik
PR Proceedings
QR Quantenfeldtheorie und Relativitätstheorie
ST Statistik und Datenanalyse
TH Theoretische Physik (Lehrbücher)
XX Sonstiges

6) Add new books to the library system:

Be careful! Do this ONLY if you know what you are doing! You cannot undo this!
Key (e.g. DT18)
Your Name


The following is potentially dangerous! So these are not possible via the web. Write me an email!